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Hundreds of angry parents rally against vaccine exemption ban

A large crowd gathered in downtown Albany to fight for religious rights on the heels of children who won’t be allowed to go school or daycare unless they are vaccinated.

They say the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination isn’t constitutional.

The state did away with non-medical exemptions following the biggest measles outbreak in more than 25 years.

Wednesday, a judge heard arguments from Attorneys Robert F. Kennedy and Michael Sussman. They filed a lawsuit in July over the repeal of the religious exemption for vaccination.

And it covers all vaccinations, not just measles. Therefore, they say this a fight for the freedom of religion.

“We need to re-assert our rights in the state. We need to protect the 26,000 children who now do not have a place to go because of the religious beliefs of their parents,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense.

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