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Finger Lakes Residents Need To Watch Out For These Common Scams

Summer is slowly coming to an end and the whole cycle will be starting over again very soon. Right now, Finger Lakes might be experiencing its biggest intake of tourism, but this will likely be dropping off in the following months. Any part of New York is usually bustling with activity, but it really is the tourism that drives the economy. This is especially true for smaller upstate areas like Finger Lakes. There is nothing wrong with have a few strangers in town and making money off them while they are there, but this intake in tourism also brings along common scams. Tourists are not the only ones vulnerable and this is why it pays to always keep your wits about you. Below, you are going to learn about some of the most common types of scams currently going on in the Finger Lakes and surrounding areas.

Watch Those Donation Boxes

As a resident of the Finger Lakes area, there is a good chance that you have noticed the recent increase of donation boxes. In theory, these boxes would be an excellent ideal because they give people a safe and reasonable place to donate unwanted items. Not only this, but these unwanted items can then be used to aid the needy. Sure, this is good in theory, but the only problem is that most of these boxes are run by shady, for-profit companies. Instead of donating these items, they end up taking them and turning them for a profit.

Just check out some of the latest articles in The New York Times or WNYC and you will see that the lid has been blown off on many of these organizations. Look at these donations bins and you will probably notice that most of them don’t even have a company name listed on them. They will have a 1-800 number, but try giving it a call and speaking with someone. Chances are you will not get any help.

Are Baby-Trading Scams Real?

Day trading might not be a new thing in New York, but it seems that baby trading is quickly overtaking the market. If you thought scammers in other parts of the world were cold then you have yet to see these New York scammers. That’s right, there are actually women out there using their children to beg for money. A local New York news station ran a story on the scam and it showed that at least nine women have been reported taking shifts begging for money with child in arms. When one woman takes a break, the other will pick up the child and go to begging. You don’t get much colder than using a child to pull on someone’s heartstrings. Be careful when giving money to these individuals.

Online Gambling Scams

New Yorkers love gambling plain and simple. Heck, the whole state might as well have been built around a big gambling institution with Wall Street being right at the heart. Aren’t you virtually taking a gamble when you buy or sell stocks? This is probably why online gambling has made such a big splash in the area. The only problem with this is that not all of these online gambling sites are legit. Some are targeted specifically for the Finger Lakes area but are actually located in parts of the world where gambling activity goes unrestricted.

This pretty much gives these sites free rein to treat their member anyway they see fit. If you are going to take advantage of any online gambling provider in Finger Lakes, you want to make sure that you are doing so with reputable and reliable ones like prediksi sgp.

Beware Of The Candy-Selling Scam

Have many times have you been standing in line waiting for the subway only to be hit with a sugar craving? Well, if you are in the New York subway, you are going to be in luck because there will be plenty of kids hawking candy. And, they say that it is going for good causes like supporting a cheerleading squad or basketball team. The only problem is that this is a lie and the money you spend will only go back to a neighborhood wholesaler who has no intention of donating to any local affiliation.

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