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Devendorf’s toughness leads Boeheim’s Army to TBT win

Boeheim’s Army, to the delight of the sold-out SRC Arena, advanced to the final of the Syracuse region of The Basketball Tournament Saturday, defeating Gael Nation 84-74 as current Syracuse players and a packed house of orange looked on.

The Army rode the toughness of Eric Devendorf and got key contributions from B.J. Johnson, Andrew White and Darryl Watkins in the victory. Boeheim’s Army created some separation in the third quarter, outscoring Gael Nation 23-18 to open a 66-57 advantage. That quarter was punctuated by an injury to Devendorf that silenced the crowd and caused some concern. The former Syracuse guard, BA’s leading scorer Saturday, was bleeding from his right eye.

He returned to the game in the fourth quarter and Boeheim’s Army led 75-67 when the Elam Ending was enacted. That meant first team to 83 would win.

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