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Ithaca Police Department Speaks about Online Harassment Safety

In today’s age, it is easy to get swept up in the comments section of an online post and or article, and sometimes things that are be said can’t be deleted or taken back.

“Everything that goes online is part of in the public domain and for people to just be careful what they post and what they say about someone else you know because words do have meaning and that they’re careful that they don’t also you know fall into that they’re doing something as threatening or harassing to another person ,” says Dennis Nayor, Acting Chief of the Ithaca Police Department.

The Ithaca Police Department deals with not only in person harassment, but also online, and they want to make sure community members are informed about how the process works.

“One, we start a case and you know we give them the case number that they could follow up with and then we could do a couple of things. We could speak to the person who made the threat, if that’s what they want, just advise them that what they’re doing is not welcome or wanted and Cease,” says Nayor.

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