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Inside look at tech support scams, how to protect yourself

Tech support scams cost Americans more than $55 million dollars every single year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Some tech experts think that number may be higher, because some victims never realize they were a victim.

Scammers will try convince you that your computer has some sort of problem and it needs to be fixed. They try to do this by two methods; either by calling the victim and leaving a voicemail, or by using a computer pop-up requesting you call a number.

Jason Brotherhood, who owns PC Solutions in Elmira, explained what the scammers try to get. “Often they just want to steal money they are going to trick you into something is wrong with your computer and then selling you a fix for a $100, $200, $300, whatever they can get away with,” he explained.

Usually, the scammers will try to remotely connect to your computer. During the process, they will direct you over the phone to download software that allows remote access. Once they gain access, the scammers will try to convince you again that you have a computer problem. If they get remote access to your PC, more than just money could be at risk.

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