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Essaybulls: Among the Best on the Internet

Tracking down a reliable and credible writing platform on the Internet can be an unbelievably tough thing, especially if you’re pressed for time. Aware of the numerous scam activities in the online academic writing niche, I was pretty wary of the websites that offered “excellent academic assistance” to me. And, as I’m always wary about paying for essays in advance, coming across EssayBulls was my lucky ticket! And I’m not one of those stingy and jealous fellas who reserve their right to stay silent about experiencing something great. So, it would be my biggest pleasure to unveil why I’m so deeply in love with EssayBulls.

Essaybulls: What It Is

EssayBulls is an online writing service with an almost spotless reputation and a vast range of writing services to offer. The spectrum of academic services they offer includes research papers, essays, theses, case studies, reviews, etc. The service does stand out from average online writing companies with its reputability and ratings. If I’m not mistaken, the company holds a license in Cyprus and is based right there.

What Perks The Service Gives You

With EssayBulls, you get an extensive number of advantages and perks not typical of a mediocre writing service. So, let me begin listing them.


The company prioritizes your privacy and prevents any personal information leak. At EssayBulls, you’re not asked to provide your personal data, but only have to give the system your e-mail address to receive information updates. Such a privacy policy is a rarity today, which makes it a huge benefit on the part of the service.


According to what EssayBulls advertises, they work only with qualified and experienced writers. And I fully corroborate this – my essay in social studies received an A, along with the tremendous praise from my supervisor. The quality of the writing was very high, both in terms of English fluency and the knowledgeability of the topic. Although a little pretentious, the writing style complied with the academic requirements and added to the depth of the text. To wrap up, my writer demonstrated brightly his writing dexterity as well as strong research skills.


I received my article the day before the due date for the assignment. I have to admit that this was kind of inconvenient as I had very little time to check it. However, I wouldn’t call it a big disadvantage of my order, since the completion date had been agreed on previously.


Another undeniable benefit of EssayBulls is its pricing. I was pretty surprised by the prices that the writers offered during the bidding, so I can state that the pricing policy of the service is reasonable and arguably exceptional.


The EssayBulls website features straightforward and modern design. Here you have a cozy selection of blue, white, yellow, and red colors. On its landing page, EssayBulls showcases the striking image of its symbol, a red bull, alluding to the service’s determination, courage, and enthusiasm it approaches the work with. The usability of the website is another strong advantage of EssayBulls. All the necessary information is quite easy to find; it’s well-structured and conveniently organized.

The website’s landing page includes sections with information blocks that contain everything you need to know about the service, its features and what it can offer to you.

Payment Policy

As I stressed at the beginning of the review, the service protects you from paying in advance. You pay the writer only after they have sent the completed work to you. The service uses a bidding system, whereby you can choose the writer by yourself after accepting the price they offer you. This is how it works: you post an order, which is your academic project, and wait for available writers to offer their price. Thus, you are free to assign the writer whose conditions you find the most convenient and suitable. How is payment made? You upload money to your EssayBulls account and then issue it to the writer.

It’s worth noting that you can have your cash back only before you issue the whole sum to the writer. When, satisfied with the paper, you send the money to them, you can’t claim it back.

Placing an Order

The ordering process is quite simple and takes very little time. The first thing you should do is fill in the form placed on the landing page. There you are expected to provide your e-mail address, pick the type of paper from the provided options, give the number of pages needed, and set the deadline. When you’re done with this form, the system directs you to a larger form asking you to give insight into the project and provide the requirements.


EssayBulls is an innovative and credible online writing company. It delivers the ultimate number of academic services and provides its customers with highest quality and security. Considering my experience with the “bulls,” I would call this organization the epitome of a prestigious writing service, and therefore recommend it to everyone who wants their paper done with a bang!

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