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Big tax impact in Wayne County under new Ginna tax deal

For years the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant in Ontario has been a significant source of tax revenue for Wayne County, the Wayne Central School District and the town of Ontario.

But with the nuclear power plant’s profitability eroding over the past few years because of its inability to compete with gas-powered plants, that revenue has begun to drop through a series of payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreements designed to keep the aging plant open and hopefully profitable.

The newest PILOT, approved by the Board of Supervisors last week, might be called the “end-of-days” PILOT. It covers 2019-20 to 2028-29, with 2029 the last year the 581-watt nuclear plant is licensed to operate.

The PILOT has been approved by the school district but not by the town of Ontario. It lays out a schedule of diminished revenues over the course of 10 years: from total PILOT payments of $7.54 million in 2019-20 — the same amount as 2018-19 — to $2.25 million in 2028-29.

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