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Heat is on, but power’s off at Lyons mobile home park

With temperatures expected to rise into the 90s and humidity on the rise as well over the next two days, this is not a good time to be without an air conditioner or fan.

But for many folks sticking it out at the Canalside Mobile Home Park, which has had its power cut off for a week, that’s exactly what they will be doing.

Lyons Code Enforcement Officer Dick Bogan said he asked New York State Electric & Gas to cut off power to the aging trailer park at 7537 Old Lyons Road for one reason: Safety.

He said calls were received at NYSEG and his office reporting power surges and brownouts.

“They have been disconnected and will be reconnected when they install a safe and adequate electrical distribution system,” Bogan said Thursday.

Bogan knows shutting off the power is a difficult thing to deal with for residents, but in consultation with Lyons Fire Chief Chief Bob Darcangelis, it was determined that the aging electrical lines posed a fire hazard for park residents.

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