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‘Move Over:’ NY maintenance truck split in half in Thruway crash

The New York State Thruway Authority has issued another “move over” warning to drivers after a tractor trailer hit a maintenance truck on the side of the road in Western New York.

They say two Thruway employees from Westfield Maintenance were doing cleanup along the Thruway Wednesday morning when the tractor trailer hit their pickup. Neither men were in the truck at the time and were not hurt.

“Maintenance workers are real people with families. #SlowDown #MoveOver #BeAlert in work zones, so they can go home safely at the end of their shifts,” the Thruway Authority tweeted.

New York’s “Move Over” Law requires cars to move over, if they can safely do so, for police, firefighters, ambulance workers, tow-truck drivers, and other personnel as they work at crash scenes. Drivers are similarly required to move when construction and maintenance vehicles are stopped alongside roads.

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