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Inside the life of a hoarder from a family member’s perspective

Kimberly Petty knew her father, Jim, was a hoarder.

“When I was up there seven years ago, there was hoard and there was clutter, but it wasn’t to the effect that I saw on the news,” said Petty, who now lives in Oklahoma.

She got word of her father’s death two weeks ago and then learned of what had become of his home on Holbrooke Street in Rochester.

“I was very in shock when I finally got pictures,” she said.

The Rochester home was her grandparents’. Her father would eventually move in to take care of his mother, and his hoarding would grow over the years.

“Obviously, it was a mental illness that he suffered from, and if I even encountered it with him in any conversation about hoarding or cleaning out, it would result in an argument,” said Petty.

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