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Power cut off to Lyons Canalside Mobile Home Park

The tenants were given two hours notice via text message Thursday that their power in high heat was getting shut off. Their homes, stifling.

“Ah…(the home) is close to 95 I believe. And it’s been off for not even an hour. My concerns are all the older people in the park and all the kids that have health issues,” says resident Melissa Lehr.

And a fix for the power is out of their hands. “Until the owner decides to fix it. And when I called the owner he hung up on me saying ‘no matter how many times you call, it’s not going to change,’” says Lehr.

“It’s up to Philip Provenzano to fix it, and obviously he’s not doing anything to fix it,” says resident Shane McCafferty.

It could cost the owner thousands of dollars to repair all of the problems. Residents say they have been having power issues for years. Like the frayed and naked power lines running through the park, and the power surges that are a regular occurrence. These safety issues are why the Town of Lyons had to shut the power down.
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