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Tompkins County will add another judge

The court process in Tompkins County for residents dealing with criminal, family and surrogate cases is about the speed up starting in 2020.

A third county judge will be elected in November to handle the case load being felt currently by the county’s two judges. The judge will take half the case load of the two current county judges, plus handle new cases that develop. The way some cases are handled currently is by two city judges who are authorized to handle some felony cases. Felony cases are typically handled by county judges. The addition to the counties court system is thanks in part to the omnibus bill signed by Governor Cuomo.

“The two judges that we have right now are incredibly overworked so I think that there will be an immediate benefit to the community because judges will be less overworked, decisions will come out faster, people will have closure in family court and criminal cases.” said District Attorney Matt Van Houten.

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