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Cornell hosting wild horse & burro sale

If you’ve always wanted to own a wild horse, or a burro, there’s a sale coming up at Cornell that could give you a look at what’s available, and what’s involved.

The Federal Bureau of Land Management uses the auctions to control the surplus populations on its lands out west: the animals to be offered in Ithaca are still on their way here, according to trainer Emma Minteer. Her Rose Hill Ranch, in Naples, has worked with the Wild Horse program since 2012.

The adoption/sale fees run from $25 for an untrained animal, or $125 minimum for a ‘trained’ animal, which Minteer tells us means the horse is accepting of wearing a halter, will allow its feet to be picked up, and will load on a trailer.

These horses have passed basic vet checks, are vaccinated, de-wormed and blood tested. Owners take possession immediately, and must provide feed, care and an enclosed facility for shelter.

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