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Town of Walworth explores water treatment options

On June 20 the Walworth Town Board authorized their Supervisor, Susie Jacobs, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to begin exploring the option of joining the Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority’s Western Regional Wastewater Treatment System improvements project.

This project is to regionalize and consolidate the wastewater treatment plants of Palmyra, Macedon, and Marion, and has been moving forward since 2017. With aging plants, the Towns involved realized that a consolidation would be in their best interest, and are well into the planning stages.

The Walworth Waste Water Treatment Plant is not failing in any way, according to Sewer Superintendent Robert Burns, and he says that his crew work diligently to ensure the quality and effectiveness of their plant.

The needs of local businesses such as Richardson Foods, the disposal costs for sewage sludge, and the ever-changing demands of the DEC are some of the reasons the Town Board are exploring all options.

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