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Two critical of SF Town Board after eminent domain denial

Two familiar speakers had stern words for the Town Board Tuesday in light of the state Fourth Department Appellate Division court’s unanimous rejection of its eminent domain petition for putting a new sewer line under the Ludovico Sculpture Trail.

Valerie Sandlas, president of the Seneca Falls Environmental Action Committee, said she is pleased with the court’s decision “but disappointed with the Town Board’s environmental negligence.’’

“Due to advice by our town attorney and the expensive Barclay Damon law firm, you were asked to ignore alerts and recommendation from the state DEC. In 2015, the DEC informed the board of the presence of various endangered species along the sculpture trail,’’ she said.

“DEC officials also recommended avoiding impacts on surface water, in this case, the canal. The appellate court determined that the town failed to take the required hard look at the impact on wildlife and did not address how you planned to avoid adverse impacts on the surface water,’’ she said.

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