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Do you like baseball but don’t have time to study?

If your answer was “yes”, then you really have to read this. It may be true that many students find it rather difficult to combine their interest in sport with their academics, and usually take one seriously than the other. According to a survey conducted a few years back, most student-athletes can’t balance school and sports, and this is what contributes to the high level of college-athlete dropouts who go ahead to take sports endorsements. Balancing sports and education can be very challenging. Lack of time management is one of the reasons they can’t keep up. They spend considerable amounts of time traveling, playing and training, and this makes them miss tests; and may also not have the time to work on essay assignments like a typical student. Many student-athletes are not even able to balance grades with their athletic performances. Most of them have no social life and cannot enjoy school as a regular college student would. In this article, we’ll be examining the life of a typical college-athlete and how to manage schedule as one.

Benefits of being a baseball player in school

Gaining admission to the university is quite a big deal. But even bigger is the fact that you can play baseball, or any other sport, for that matter. You have the opportunity to always maintain your shape, and make new friends, more or less every time, from the large community of student-baseball players.
You also get to build the essential skills needed for problem-solving and also acquire various other indispensable skills needed in the world of employment too. A considerable number of student-athletes receive athletic scholarships and are given preferential treatment in college communities. So, playing baseball in school comes with some advantages too, like in-school and out-school support, tutoring, and some other important things.

How to balance baseball and school?

Just as I mentioned before, combining school with baseball is not relatively easy. But you can actually do it. This shouldn’t be because you want to keep your scholarship or permission to continue playing. It is because education itself is a very important aspect of life that shouldn’t be waived. These following are the questions you should ask yourself;

  • Do I have a goal? Having your goals set comes with you knowing that playing baseball is to an expected end. Do you intend to become a professional? Or are you just playing for the fun of it? These and more are all the important questions you should ask yourself as a sports player in college. So set yourself on your goals – what you seek to achieve being a player.
  • Do you seek help from your fellow students and professors? Ask your fellow students for help with lecture notes, clarifications and explanations. This makes things a lot easier for you. But if you find this somewhat difficult to do, we are in a world of technology where there are various online resources you can use. For example, you can hire writers when you need help with your essay. As a student-athlete myself, when I do my essay, I use the online essay database of an internet resource like to check for free papers and compare my essays. I also make use of a plagiarism checker to scan and grade my paper. However, what may work for you is having one-on-one conversations with your friends and professors. This was why academic centers were established specially for athletes who need help with their studies.
  • This, for every student, is very important. Studying the major that you invariably enjoy contributes significantly to how you perform in your academics. It also even contributes to how you also perform on the pitch.
  • Do you manage your time well? Planning ahead of time improves the way you do things. This is why you have to plan your time well, for lectures and personal study. Just like you have established a training schedule for yourself, do the same with your academics. It makes it a lot easier for you to balance school and sports and you’ll be able to manage your time well and attend classes regularly.


Yes, it may not be easy to balance school and sports, but it is still entirely possible to do so. All you have to do is manage your time well. Even in school, if you have to play baseball, you actually need to comply with certain academic requirements that your school sets so that you will be allowed to play. According to another survey conducted, 3% of student-athletes get to play at the professional level. So set your priorities right and also take your education seriously.