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New Era Field turf available for Bills fans

Fans of the Buffalo Bills have an opportunity to add some unique memorabilia to their collection.

The Buffalo Turf Company is selling turf recently removed from New Era Field on their website.

Here is what the Buffalo Turf Company said on the website about the turf:

The field at the stadium was replaced recently, and the old turf was auctioned off to the public. This is your opportunity to purchase a piece of the field that your favorite players have touched!

The pricing for different sections of turf can be found below:

Field turf (green)

1×1: $30

1×2: $50

2×2: $75

3×3: $100

Sideline turf (white)

1×1: $35

1×2: $55

2×2: $80

End zone turf (blue)

1×1: $50

1×2: $80

2×2: $130

3×3: $150

A 20-yard line cut that has red, white and blue can be had for $105 and the site also has options for bulk purchases of turf. Logos from the old turf were removed and are not available for purchase.

Purchases can be made using PayPal, Google Pay or with a credit card.