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Firefighters respond to Auburn home twice in a week; destroyed after second blaze

After less than a week, first responders in Auburn were called to a residence for a house fire.

Around 2:30 a.m. firefighters were called to the home on Walnut Street, after being called there on Tuesday, June 25th. In the Tuesday fire, the home suffered significant damage.

The fire department described the interior of the home as ‘hoarder type conditions’. It complicated response, according to firefighters.

The home was completely destroyed by the second fire. The fire was located on the second floor and roof, according to firefighters.

First responders searched the home, because initial reports indicated that a person, the resident, might have been inside. That was not the case.

On Tuesday, a dog was found inside. This time – Colleen Phillips, 63, was found walking her dog about two hours later.

The cause of the second fire is under investigation. Several fire investigators remained on-scene through the morning hours on Walnut Street.