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New Waterloo mayor pushes for tougher codes, enforcement

Village residents and landlords who violate village codes — especially those regarding unregistered vehicles, curbside trash and portable basketball hoops near a street — beware.

Officials are looking to strengthen the code wording and remove ambiguities or gray areas, plus be quicker to impose fees for violations not corrected in a timely manner.

Meeting in special session Tuesday, the Village Board heard new Mayor Jack O’Connor say that code enforcement is a priority of his. The mayor has asked new Code Enforcement Officer Ron Bird to speak on some of the issues he’s discovered in his first two months on the job.

“I’m finding that some people are not putting unregistered vehicles in an enclosed structure but are using portable carports that deteriorate,” said Bird, suggesting the code be amended to include that provision. “I’d like to see these vehicles in a permanent wooden structure of some kind.”

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