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Dispute over delivery of mail to Waterloo home

Man’s best friends have been known to be mail carriers’ worst enemies at times.

David and Gail Fridley have two pitbull mix dogs at their 9 E. Elisha St. home, and the Waterloo Post Office has not delivered mail to their house for nearly two weeks. The Fridleys say they’ve done all that’s been asked of them to keep the dogs fenced in or inside the house when the carrier reaches their neighborhood.

Postal officials agree, in part, but said mail delivery will not resume until all steps they’ve been asked to take have been completed. They say the Fridleys need to contact Postmaster Mark Washburn to schedule a visit to their property to check for compliance.

If all is in order, they say mail delivery will resume. Meanwhile, Gail Fridley has rented a post office box for $82 for a year.

“I’ve done everything they asked, even fixed a gap in the fence they didn’t like,” she said Tuesday. “I’m the only one not getting mail and it’s very upsetting. I almost think it’s become personal.”

The Fridleys have lived in their home for 17 years, but the current issue began when they acquired their first dog five years ago. “Ziggy” was a pitbull-bulldog mix and was chained to the front porch on occasion. The mail carrier was uncomfortable and asked the Fridleys to move their mailbox from the porch to closer to the street, which they did.

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