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What to read for a student on Kayaking with friends

Nothing ensures you keep in touch you keep with nature and still have fun than camping out with friends. Which is why one finds students taking kayaking and camping trips with friends more often, in a bid to relax after a grueling school year. To experience the full euphoria of a kayaking and camping outing, you would need to feed your imagination with literal articles on camping. Below are some camping books that are guaranteed to be quality reads for you as a student during your kayaking trip and camping.

1984 The Novel

A Masterpiece of literature in both its time and thereafter by renowned writer George Orwell. Not only a good read, but 1984 also provides campers with every element needed to spice up their camping trip and deliver extreme euphoria. A quick look at a 1984 analysis essay will undoubtedly provide you with info on while the novel is an example of a good read for your camping trip. The main theme of the book being an exciting blend of conspiracy and survival is sure to leave campers, feeling the excitement of the unknown that camping delivers in full.

The thought of having your every move monitored and trying to survive in a world of harsh realities is sure to leave you hooked to the tale. A review sample such as a 1984 George Orwell essay often provides insight into the world the book introduces its readers into.

The novel 1984 has spun multiple novels from writers inspired by the concept offered by 1984, which many campers would find both engaging and intriguing during camping. Samples.Edusson does provide you with a great analysis of the book and its key elements in easy to read essay writeups. An example of a modern day media inspired by the concepts brought forward by George Orwell in 1984, is the popular Big Brother Show which also portrays traces of camping in its delivery.

A Guide Book On Kayaking

A book that provides you with a guide to kayaking is essential for your trip, especially if you are going on your first kayaking trip. Despite the fact that an instructor might be provided for you during your trip, a beginners guide to kayaking will help provide you with a crash course before even setting your eyes on any form of water. You are sure to hit the water running, as a beginners guide provides ample background knowledge that will help reduce your time as an amateur kayaking paddler.

Spooky Campfire Stories: Outdoor Myths And Tales For All Ages by Amy Hoitsma

Add a feeling of fear mixed with suspense to your campfire gathering with spooky campfire stories. Whenever you are feeling mischievous and want to spook out your friends at night with amazing ghost stories, any of the classic stories in the story collection will be sure to do the trick.

Campfire Chef: Mouthwatering Campfire Recipes by Tyler Omoth

There’s a lot more to great camp trips than just scares and survival, there’s also the allure of mouthwatering camp dishes. The book provides you with recipes to cook up delicacies and snacks sure to spice up your camping.

The Lost Lake by Allen Say

Get thrown into the amazing world of a father and his son as their embark on a search for that perfect camping spot. A perfect example of a book to get you away from the realistic chill of the George Orwell book 1984 into the world of traditional stories of connecting with close ones during camping.

A Guide Book To Camping

Camping with friends or family offers individuals the chance at bonding, creating more memories, and experiencing nature at its fullest. To ensure that you are not a drag to friends, and get right to having fun from the get-go with little or no prior camping experience, guide books on camping help provide you with every information you need to know. Be sure to read and pack one into your bag before heading out for your trip.

Here are a few camping guide books to add to your camping library:

Survival Kid: A Practical Guide To Wilderness Survival

Camping puts you in a scenario where you are pitted against nature, the camping book Survival Kid provides you tips on how transverse every and anything nature could throw at you while still having a fun time. From how to overcome the trial of hunger and thirst to be triumphant in the quest for shelter and keeping warm. You learn vital survival skills that are not only beneficial to your camping trip but also prove pivotal in the event you are stranded in an isolated environment.

Ranger Rick Kids’ Guide To Camping: All You Need To Know About Having Fun In The Outdoors by Cherie Winner

This book helps provide campers with answers to common questions asked before camping. If you are in the habit of satisfying your curiosity on how things work before embarking on an endeavor, which in this case is a camping adventure, then the camping book is just for you.

Things To Get For Your Kayaking Trip And Camping

Apart from a good read, there are multiple other items that go into making your nature getaway with your friends, both exciting, memorable, and above all, comfortable. Here is a list for you to consider.

A kayak

If your tour doesn’t provide you with an arrangement for a kayak, you have to make a provision for one. There are a variety of kayaks options for you to select from, with the most preferred choice amongst many being the tandem kayak. Flatwater kayaks are best for kayaking through calm waters while whitewater kayaks offer great kayaking maneuvering on less than calm waters.


Pack up a wetsuit and a swimsuit for your kayaking trip. Depending on how the situation of the weather is, your kayaking outfit will be determined by the temperature.