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New barriers tried out to prevent flooding

There’s a new attempt to prevent flooding on Lake Ontario.

Known as the Rapid H20 flood barrier, the system replaces sandbags. It is set up when the water level rises – which residents have said is the new norm.

“We saw horrific flooding in 2017,” said Ian Anderson from the company that makes the barriers. “Now all of a sudden, these 100-year floods are becoming every two to four years it seems over the last decade. It’s a significant recurring problem. This is really a paradigm shift solution to flood mitigation and protections of people’s property.”

Doug Dobson, a lakeshore resident and president of the Crescent Beach Neighborhood Association, said the Canadian company behind the product was invited to do a demonstration on Edgemere Drive Friday.

“Today, we had about 30 neighbors here and other reps from other branches of government to see how easy it is to set this rapid water barrier system up and how easy it is to take it down,” he said.
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