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20 acres of Caroline land bought by Finger Lakes Land Trust

There are 215 state parks in the state of New York, taking up 350,000 acres of land. Get out of the Big Apple, and find yourself among some of the finest natural scenery that North America has to offer. In a bid to protect and preserve the countryside, the Finger Lakes Land Trust has been buying up plots. The latest purchase is 20 acres located in the town of Caroline. After years of being used for agricultural purposes, it is hoped that the Land Trust can restore this region to its former glory as a wet and wild natural paradise. This will allow animal species to flourish, while improving the quality of life of local residents.

What Land Has Been Acquired?

On May 21st 2019, the Land Trust made the announcement that it had acquired 20 acres of land situated along the Owego Creek. This land lies on Caroline’s Flat Iron Road and is next to Goetchius Wetland Preserve. This makes it the perfect location for a charity to come in and preserve yet more land.

With views of Robinson Hollow State Forest and Hammond Hill, this is a great place for homeowners to allow their children to get in touch with nature. By protecting this area, house prices are bound to increase in Finger Lakes and Seneca Falls neighborhoods. This is good news for local residents looking to refinance their home or sell up for a profit.

Why Protect this Area?

There have already been 11 conservation projects in Owego Creek, which is one of the largest sources of trout for the Finger Lakes area. There are now more than 850 acres of protected land, meaning that this fishing industry is bound to thrive. This provides work for the fishermen, while increasing the supply of fish into the community. Ultimately, that will bring prices down and therefore contribute to reduced living costs for Finger Creek based families.

Furthermore, the wetlands are an important habitat for birds, so this will help their populations, along with the populations of other species, to thrive. In a world with mass extinctions imminent, any conservation of wildlife is welcomed by residents. Local families will be able to visit the wetlands and learn about biology first-hand.

The Finger Lakes Land Trust have also taken control of the area to improve the water quality in Owego Creek. Through farming, wildlife habitats were destroyed and the rivers, particularly in Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River, became polluted. This conservation effort offers improved drinking water for residents and safer water for fish to swim in.

Nature conservation is more important than ever, but the acquisition of 20 acres of Caroline land doesn’t just benefit animals. Cheaper and fresher food for residents, increased house prices for homeowners, education and play opportunities for children, and cleaner drinking water, are just some of the incredible benefits that this move offers the Finger Lake community.