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King Ferry women suffering from biotoxin illness seeks help from community

15 years ago Stacy Crandell of King Ferry. NY came down with biotoxin illness, also known as CIRS. This usually comes from the mycotoxins produced by mold, and is especially dangerous for the 25% of people who have the genetics that don’t flush toxins from the body. For 15 years she has been misdiagnosed, so her health is really failing. Finally having obtained a conclusive diagnosis she is ready to heal.

But until her mold issues in her house are dealt with, she can’t. Stacy has 4 kids, including two under the age of 18, who she cannot currently have at home with her, because of safety concerns, so they are all displaced in different directions until renovations are done.

Her shower surround needs replacing. Her living room ceiling needs to be demo-ed, treated, and replaced. Her basement needs a plumbing overhaul as well as deep treatment and sealing. Sump pump properly installed. Activated charcoal filter installed, and a better or additional dehumidifier.

Her well is also contaminated and a UV treatment system will need to be installed. All labor is being donated, but a GoFundMe campaign has been created to raise money for materials only.

Stacy has gone from 125 lbs down to 89 lbs. She is in constant pain, and has almost all of the 26+ symptoms of CIRS. Essentially her entire body is inflamed, and in an autoimmune condition. She is ready and eager to heal, but cannot until her exposure to mold ends.

To donate visit the GoFundMe campaign page here.