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Wayne Central voters send strong message as investigation concludes

With the hearings on the removal of two School Board members completed two weeks ago, the Board of Education at Wayne Central School District awaits an outcome.

The Board made the following statement at the conclusion of the proceedings. “As of today, the proceedings relative to the possible removal of two Board of Education Members have concluded. The process the Board of Education chose will continue to be followed as the Hearing Officer reviews the evidence and makes recommendations to the Board of Education with regard to guilt or innocence of the charges, and an associated penalty, if any. The Board of Education itself is charged with making a final determination based upon the evidence presented to the Hearing Officer.”

On Tuesday, May 21st, with the results of the School elections, a possible fall out of those hearings occurred.

Three new members of the Board were elected, ousting the incumbents. The vote was nearly two to one to replace the old guard. Two current members of the Board, Carla Boerman and Tim Reynolds, who have supported Superintendent Dr. Mathis Calvin in the attempt to remove current board members Steve Gallaher and Dennis Landry, were voted out.

The Times of Wayne County:
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