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Tim Hortons poppy seeds linked to 2 CPS investigations

Three months after it was initially reported that a Child Protective Services investigation was underway into a mother who tested positive for opiates after eating poppy seeds, it appears to have happened to another mom, who bought a snack with poppy seeds at the same place.

At the end of last year, Jamie Silakowski, of Depew, gave birth to Hunter at Mercy Hospital, but right before the birth she stopped off at Tim Hortons and bought a pastry with poppy seeds mixed in.

The hospital alerted CPS after Silakowski tested positive for opiates.

It took 8 weeks and endless worry until CPS cleared Silakowski.

Sunday, WKBW-TV reported on case in which a new mom, Elizabeth Dominguez, from Tonawanda faced a CPS investigation after she bought and ate a poppy seed bagel from Tim Hortons.

The manager of toxicology of ACM Medical Laboratory in Chili, Michael Peterson, says a positive from poppy seeds is often caused by unwashed seeds that still have residual raw opium on them.
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