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Why American moms are seriously struggling

Mother's Day brings syrupy ads and greeting card platitudes. Maybe flowers, jewelry, breakfast made by someone other than her.

But there's dissonance between the ritual and the reality.

We celebrate moms who work to meet society's demands, who overextend to fill in the gaps, who never cease sacrificing for those they love. But is this the version of motherhood to revere?

"This ideal of what it means to be a good mom is to put your child's needs above your own. An ideal worker in the U.S. economy means being fully dedicated and committed with your undivided attention – that you can come in at a moment's notice, that you don't have anything that distracts. This doesn't work if you have kids," said Caitlyn Collins, a sociology professor at Washington University.

American mothers are struggling.

The Ithaca Journal:
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