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Signs of flooding already being seen in Sodus Point

The Lake Ontario shoreline in Monroe County is now under a state of emergency.

Further east, the first signs of flooding area already being seen in Sodus Point.

Peter and Henni Gressl are watching the water closely. Lake Ontario water levels are already crashing over the wall to their neighbors’ home. They live just a few houses over.

“The water is doing what it wants to do,” said Henni.

The Gressls moved to Sodus Point 30 years ago from Austria. Until two years ago, they say they’ve never seen flooding they couldn’t handle. In 2017, that changed.

“Oh, it was a mess,” Henni recalled. “The military put another row of sandbags in the middle of the lawn and, as far as I’m concerned, it didn’t make a difference.”

Now they’re worried history is about to repeat itself.

“Here we go again,” Henni said. “Let’s see what happens.”

At a news conference Thursday, officials asked residents to be prepared.
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