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Power to the people? Proposal would give veto authority to voters in NYS

A bill proposed in late April would give voters the chance to veto laws enacted by the state legislature.

The proposed "people's veto" bill would allow voters to create a petition on any law that has a tax or fee impact. If the petition reaches enough signatures the law would be suspended until a vote is held in the next general elections. The petition would require five percent of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election.

Republican Senator Rich Funke explained to us how this would work.

"In this case, it would take 300,000 petition signatures in order to get this on the ballot and then you would vote whether or not you wanted this tax increase or you didn't," said Senator Funke, District 55.

Supporters of the bill like the idea of giving more power to the people.

"Of course I would get behind it because you know, it's for the community and the community has a right to have a voice, to be heard, you know. So yeah I would get behind it 100%," said Tracey Wyatt, a Rochester resident.

"I love it, we got to test the government, you know what I mean, I think its a good idea. People! Fight the machine!" said Adam Graham, a Rochester resident.
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