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City of Ithaca releases 10 videos of April 6 Commons fight and arrests

On Friday night, the City of Ithaca released 10 videos, all of which can be viewed here, that show the arrests of Cadji Ferguson and Rose DeGroat on the night of Saturday, April 6.

The videos, taken from a mix of Commons security camera footage and body cameras worn by investigating and arresting officers, offer some more insight into the events leading up to the arrests and the police's conduct while they were making the arrests of Ferguson and DeGroat, who are both black. Most of the informative value of the videos comes from their depiction of the arrest of DeGroat, who was originally charged with two counts of a Class E felony for "second degree attempted assault," appeared in court late last month and had the felony charges dropped. She was also charged with one count of resisting arrest, a misdemeanor. Ferguson, meanwhile, was charged with one count of disorderly conduct, as was another apparent member of the crowd, Riley Johnson.
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