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Geneva student suffers minor injuries after biking into van near Middle School

Officials with the Geneva school district say a high school student suffered a minor injury when they wheeled a bicycle into a van before the start of classes.

In a statement on the school district’s website, officials said the incident happened about 7:40 a.m. at the middle school main entrance off Carter Road.

Geneva police and firefighters were on the scene minutes later, along with Finger Lakes Ambulance.

The driver of the van was turning right from Carter Road onto the middle school drive after allowing pedestrians to cross. The student, who was biking on the sidewalk – rode into the path of the crosswalk without stopping.

The bicyclist hit the van suffering minor injuries.

The driver of the van was not identified, nor was the bicyclist.

School district officials said per city ordinance, bicyclists older than 12 are prohibited from riding on sidewalks — and cyclists are required to stop at intersections. Students who are legally able to ride on sidewalks should stop at crosswalks and cross on foot, according to the Finger Lakes Times.

Officials ask that vehicle drivers to be mindful of foot and bike traffic. This time of year, as the weather improves, there is a spike in traffic.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.