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Former St. Joe’s Dr. ordered not to prescribe controlled substances during investigation

The former St. Joseph’s cardiologist who is accused in the nationwide prescription drug crackdown has been ordered by the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct to not prescribe any controlled substance during the investigation.

According to the Department of Health webpage, Dr. Andrew Rudin’s NYS medical license is “limited to preclude him from practicing medicine in New York State or in any setting or jurisdiction where his practice is predicated on his New York State medical license to the extent that he shall not manufacture, prescribe, distribute, dispense or administer any controlled substances.”

Rudin has also been ordered to not “oversee, supervise, collaborate with any medical professional in manufacturing, prescribing, distributing, dispensing or administering any controlled substances” until the investigation has concluded or if the order is modified or rescinded by the Director of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct.
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