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Wegmans doesn’t want customers reusing old bags after 2019

Stepping away from plastic and towards more environmentally friendly options, Wegmans is cutting down on plastic.

Company representatives said it will do away with disposable plastic bags before the New York state deadline in March 2020.

Wegmans plans to make the change by the end of the year. However, it’s not the only change customers should expect to see.

Company officials said the plan is to cut down plastic use by two million pounds this year.

However, the news of doing away with plastic bags is not being well received by all shoppers.

Twice a week Tammy Snyder fills her cart to the rim. She donates groceries to a local food pantry.

She said plastic bags are an easy way to carry them there. “It’s so convenient it’s hard to get away from it that’s for sure,” she said.

These habits will soon be a thing of the past for shoppers at Wegmans. Some people are not happy about it.

“I’m not happy about it but, it really should be done sooner the better I guess,” said Bill Walker, a shopper. “I like these bags but, I understand the reason why.”

While some shoppers aren’t pleased with the idea, others don’t mind it.

“I think it’s great because you hear so much about how the plastic is ending up in the ocean and it’s been really easy to buy these bags,” said Tammy Rossi, a shopper.

Currently, shoppers can use paper bags and they’ll still be an option once the ban goes into effect. However, company reps said they’re encouraging people to turn here to re-usable bags instead.

This is all part of a bigger goal as Wegmans looks at different ways to cut down plastic use.

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