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Wayne County sergeants showed body cam video at party

A Christmas party was held inside the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office where video from body-worn cameras was used for the entertainment of the deputies.

It happened the day after Christmas.

A News 10NBC investigative reporter was tipped off about the party last week and on Monday, Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts confirmed two of his sergeants resigned prior to disciplinary charges being filed against them.

Virts said he was furious when he discovered Sergeant Scott Knapp and Sergeant Andrea Knapp not only hosted the party in the Police Services Section of the sheriff’s office in Lyons but directed their subordinates to come.

At the party, video from body-worn cameras was shown.

The sheriff said while he didn’t see the video directly, it is his understanding that it was a compilation of interactions that road deputies had with members of the public.

The Wayne County road deputies have been wearing body cameras since June 2018.

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