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McDonald challenges Seneca County elections board decisions

Casey McDonald has asked a state Supreme Court judge to reverse three recent rulings made by Seneca County Election Commissioners Tiffany Folk and Carl Same on objections he filed to candidate petitions earlier this month.

One decision the Romulus resident is seeking to reverse is the board’s ruling that he doesn’t have standing to object to Conservative Party Committee petitions because he is not a member of the Conservative Party. McDonald, a registered Republican, obtained an order to show cause pro se, which means he did not have an attorney representing him.

“Some of the BOE’s actions were technically appropriate, but hopefully reviewable by the court,” McDonald said in a statement. “A specific section of Election Law was recently changed. Before, people were not allowed to object to another political party’s public office candidates. That restriction now includes political committee positions. But because I am a Republican, it doesn’t matter how bogus the nominating petitions are for the Conservative Party committee, I don’t have standing to complain about it.

“ … Hopefully the court can rule that in the presence of notary public misconduct, deliberate fraud and chicanery, a person of another party can file objections.”

He said if his objections are upheld, Conservatives Party members in the county will be able to write in names to fill committee seats.

“I request that this court upholds a high standard of decisional excellence and considers establishing precedent to this specific controversy,” McDonald said in an affidavit filed in support of his legal action.

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