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State, local officials investigating Lyons McDonald’s restaurant after worms found in drink cups

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and the State Health Department are investigating reports that customers at a local McDonald’s restaurant found worms at the bottom of their drinks.

Two of those patrons spoke with – recounting their experiences.

On March 7th college student Samantha Giles went to the Lyons McDonald’s drive-thru after classes. When she finished her meal – she opened up the lid of her drink to chew on the ice. “And, at the bottom of it was a big worm,” Giles told

That prompted her to call the restaurant, meet with the manager, and fill out an accident report. She later called the State Health Department. They came, picked up the worm, and tested it.

“They had it tested and told me it was an earthworm,” Giles continued.

Then, nearly a month later – a similar situation played out for Justin Confer. He says while grabbing food at the same spot on April 10th, his daughter found a worm at the bottom of her cup.

“I didn’t believe her at first. I said ‘you’re kidding me’…I went over and looked and sure enough, there was a worm in the bottom of her drink,” Confer told “Our family is just … absolutely disgusted with it.”

Confer filed a complaint – but hasn’t gotten a callback.

The State Department Office in Geneva and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office both say the matter is being looked into, according to RochesterFirst. The McDonalds restaurant in Lyons has remained open through the investigation.

As for Confer and Giles – they say they’re both sticking with home-cooked meals for the time being.