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SIENA POLL: Mixed reviews for legislation included in NYS budget

A new Siena Poll highlights how New Yorkers feel about a variety of issues and proposals, which were- and were not included in the state budget.

The latest numbers show that voters are supportive of the property tax cap. It also shows they largely support the ban on plastic bags, and end of the cash bail system for misdemeanor and non-violent offenses.

In that poll, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s rating remained flat. Voters gave him a negative unfavorable rating of 48%.

That didn’t mean New Yorkers were in favor of all legislation included in the budget.

The poll found that 58% of voters believe limiting the release of booking photos – as is mandated at the state-level will be bad for the state. Only 31% felt favorably about that legislation.

Voters also disapproved of Gov. Cuomo’s pay raise from $179,000 to $200,000. It was opposed by 62% of those polled by Siena.

Those same voters also opposed extending access to diver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants living in New York. Meanwhile, healthcare was a divided issue.

Around 52% of voters approved the legalization of marijuana – even though that hasn’t been passed yet.

As for the proposition to require children to be vaccinated – voters overwhelmingly supported that idea. “And requiring children to be vaccinated for certain diseases, an issue that has arisen amid measles outbreaks in Brooklyn and Rockland County, is overwhelmingly supported 78% to 17%,” NY State of Politics reported.