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CDC warns against spread of ‘super fungus’

The CDC is warning about a potentially life-threatening super fungus spreading across the nation, including New York.

Candida Auris is a potentially deadly, difficult to treat infection. The most vulnerable patients are those in hospitals and nursing homes.

The superbug has hit countries like Venezuela, Spain, Britain, India, Pakistan and South Africa in the past five years.

Now the Centers for Disease Control say the fungus has also spread to 12 states in the U.S., infecting more than 300 people across New York.

Downstate health experts are increasingly concerned about the deadly yeast infection, or fungus, seen in New York City area patients.

The infection can appear on the skin, in a wound, in the abdominal cavity, but health experts say the most severe infection would be in the bloodstream or the brain.

Doctors say the really concerning part is that the fungus can be resistant to two of three antifungals used to treat it.

The origin of this fungus was traced overseas to Korea or Japan.

Dr. Stephen Thomas with SUNY Upstate says it is most likely spreading downstate, and other large population centers because of travel.

“When people get on planes and travel, they’re not just taking their luggage with them. They’re also sometimes taking the organisms that they’re infected with and introduce them into new areas,” Dr. Thomas said.
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