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Ethics Committee has opening in Geneva

The city board charged with ensuring public officials abide by a code of conduct is seeking a new member.

Ethics Committee member Sam Cappiello’s term ends at the end of the month, and City Council is charged with filling the position.

Individuals with training in “legal, human resources or other areas of ethical consideration” are encouraged to apply, the city’s website said.

In 2008, the city revamped its Code of Ethics “to provide for specific expectation of public officials in the execution of their responsibilities to our constituents. City Council holds the Code of Ethics in high regard, and works to ensure that all program, policies and activities of the city are conducted in accordance with the code.”

The Ethics Committee has five seats with two- and four-year terms.

“This important committee reviews allegations of ethical misconduct against officers of the city,” the website reads.

The board meets when complaints or allegations are filed.

The code that officials are asked to abide by includes acting in the public interest; compliance with the law; conduct of public officials; respect for process; conduct of public meetings; decisions based on merit; communication; conflict of interest; gifts and favors; confidential information; use of public resources; representation of private interests; advocacy, role of public officials; independence of boards, commissions and committees; positive workplace environment and implementation.

Besides Cappiello, Ethics Board members also include Ellen Wayne, Ben Vasquez, Sharon Dutcher and James Petropoulos.

Said committee members: “It is the objective of the city of Geneva Ethics Committee to provide Geneva residents with the assurance that City Council has a competent outlet in seeking guidance in the area of ethics, as well as thoroughly investigating claims of ethical misconduct by city officials in an unbiased manner; and furthermore, make recommendations to ensure that misconduct is not repeated.”

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