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Romulus man plans to challenge Cox as state GOP chairman

Casey McDonald went to the Seneca County Board of Elections Thursday with three goals.

One was to file petitions to be a Republican Committee member from the 3rd election district in Romulus. The second was to be on the ballot as a candidate for a state GOP committee seat from the 132nd Assembly District.

But going further, he also announced he wants to challenge current New York State Republican Party Chairman Edward Cox, son-in-law of the late Richard Nixon, when the state party reorganizes this summer. Cox has been party head since 2009.

“Under our current leadership, the GOP lost too many races statewide to ignore. We need someone new at the helm,” said McDonald, a real estate developer and political activist. “Both state and federal districts that President Trump easily won in 2016 were lost in 2018. That’s like losing a 100-yard dash with a 15-yard head start.”

While not in agreement with all of Trump’s actions, McDonald said the state Republican Party “is not listening to the Republican base.”

“They have presented too many roadblocks to President Trump’s MAGA agenda. Under the watchful eye of Chairman Cox, five House Republicans from New York led the charge to frustrate Trump in the 115th Congress,” McDonald said, listing Tom Reed, R-23 of Corning, as one of the five.

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