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MRB Group opens new Finger Lakes Office located in downtown Geneva

MRB Group President Ryan Colvin announced that a new office is opening this week in Geneva.

The “Finger Lakes Office,” located at 44 Castle Street will be the home for the firm’s Municipal Services Director, Matt Horn, who formerly served as the City Manager for Geneva.

“It’s great to be able to serve Finger Lakes communities from the heart of the region,” said Horn. The location will also provide a conference area where Horn can meet with clients, or his growing team of planners and specialists in economic development and municipal operations.

“It’s been partly a homecoming,” Horn continued, “to reestablish my professional presence in Geneva – but at the same time, my role is completely different.

“What I’ve learned throughout my career, especially from working with the City’s professional staff, is now part of a larger knowledge base that I can make available to other local governments,” Horn stated. He said that his work at MRB Group allows him to access the additional skills of a team of approximately 75 professionals and technicians. “Together we help communities address challenges, compete more effectively for limited grants and financial support, and create strategic plans that generate local investment,” Horn stated. His division at MRB Group is called SmarterLocalGov.

“These services strengthen local governments, and help them meet the challenge of planning more effectively for the growth they want to achieve. It’s about creating fiscal sustainability, Horn stated.
“A stronger community also takes better care of infrastructure – something that is critical for development, but is becoming more difficult in the current economic climate. We help local governments address that challenge,” Horn concluded.

“We’re excited about the new space – but we’re even more excited about how Matt is helping us grow. He has already started building and expanding upon our knowledge base with the addition of local voices of experience on our SmarterLocalGov website,” said Colvin. “His connection with regional talent is helping our clients make connections and share critical information,” he continued.

“Matt’s web-based information is already having an amazing impact. Our presence is growing beyond physical offices,” Colvin stated.
Colvin said that in the coming weeks the firm will be hosting an open house, and he plans to invite residents from throughout the Finger Lakes area to visit, meet Matt, and learn more about SmarterLocalGov and MRB Group’s municipal support.

According to Colvin, MRB Group routinely utilizes satellite offices in areas where they represent a number of communities. Presently, the firm serves as Engineer of Record for the City of Geneva and the Town of Geneva, as well as supporting a number of municipal projects in the nearby communities of Waterloo, Penn Yan, Phelps, Lyons, Manchester, Hopewell, and Canandaigua. The firm represents nearly 140 communities across the State of New York with engineering and architecture, GIS, and planning services which include strategic and community plans, as well as support for planning boards and economic development.

Interested community leaders can learn more about MRB Group’s municipal services division at .