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Senate committee OKs Trump’s nominees for U.S.-Canada water panel

A U.S. Senate committee advanced President Donald Trump’s picks to serve on a bi-national commission tasked with managing Lake Ontario water levels.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee reported the nominations of former New York state Assembly member Jane Corwin, Rob Sisson and Lance Yohe to fill the United States’ three seats on the six-member International Joint Commission. The committee reviewed the nominations at a business meeting Wednesday.

With the committee’s approval, the nominations can be considered by the full Senate.

The International Joint Commission manages shared waterways between the U.S. and Canada. These water bodies include Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

For now, the U.S. has two members on the commission: Lara Pollack, the section chair, and Rich Moy — both of whom were appointed by former President Barack Obama.

In 2018, Trump nominated Corwin, Sisson and Yohe to serve on the commission. But the Senate didn’t consider the nominations before the end of the year.

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