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Port 100 looks for additional city help in Geneva

Changes are coming to the city’s co-working space, Port 100.

Members are poised to assume the lease the city has with a building owner that houses Port 100. However, they say they need additional city dollars before they can become a self-sustaining organization.

Maureen Ballatori, who manages the co-working space and is also owner of 29 Design Studio, said she and another Port 100 member will appear before City Council Wednesday night to ask for funding aimed at sustaining operations after city support ends.

The co-working site provides office amenities for those who don’t need — or can’t afford — a space of their own.

Assistant City Manager Adam Blowers said the city’s lease with building owner Dave Linger expires at the end of August.

Blowers said the city originally budgeted $25,000 for 2019, but Council cut the expenditure to $17,000 in the adopted budget. That funding includes rent and other expenses.

Ballatori said Port 100 representatives hope to convince Council the co-working site is “making an active effort” to become self-sustaining. She said the goal is enough city money to cover utilities, internet and other expenses with a “reduced scale of support for the next two years.”

While Port 100 memberships provide enough money to pay the rent, Ballatori said they don’t generate enough cash to pay the utilities, high-speed internet and other expenses.

Ballatori said Port 100 has 10 members in the Castle Street site. Seven are full members, while three others are flex-time members, which gives them office access once a week at a reduced rate.

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