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Vanity or profanity? Doctor clashes with DMV over ‘objectionable’ license plate


Through some 35 years and eight successive New York State Department of Motor Vehicles commissioners, Dr. Victor Poleshuck enjoyed his custom license plate: “XX XY.”

For the retired obstetrician and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Rochester, the plate was a conversation starter and a subtle homage to his profession.

The “XX” represented the female chromosomes and “XY” represented the male chromosomes. When he and his wife of 55 years drove together, the characters could have referred to them.

“My life deals with what happens when the XXs and XYs get together,” Poleshuck explained.

But he couldn’t explain a letter he received recently from the DMV informing him that his long-held plate was being rescinded because it was “objectionable.”

“I couldn’t understand what could possibly be objectionable,” Poleshuck, 77, said.

The letter, dated March 21, contained no explanation other than pointing to a regulation that authorizes the DMV commissioner to determine “at any time” that a plate is “objectionable.”

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