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Twelve Auburn roads could be resurfaced this year for $1.3 million

Auburn’s is planning to spend $1.3 million to repair several city roads this year.

At Thursday’s city council meeting, Scott McIntyre, the city’s assistant civil engineer, said the city was reimbursed about $845,000 by the state last year for road work as he presented the 2019 Road Program. Although the state budget hasn’t been finalized yet, McIntyre expects that number to be about the same for this year’s road projects.

To combat road deterioration, the city uses a few different preventative maintenance techniques. Crack sealing, the least-expensive technique, is applied to streets that have been labeled “fair” by the city. Microsurfacing, a two-layer application combining asphalt, concrete and stone dust, is done on “fair” or “poor” streets. If streets become “failing,” or severely cracked, they receive an asphalt overlay — the most expensive method of road repair.

McIntyre said a street’s microsurface could cost about $100,000, whereas a reconstruction, requiring a full dig-out, could cost the city $1 million.

“This is one of the reasons the state and federal money is tied to preventative maintenance or rehabilitation techniques,” he said.

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