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Katko, Reed push for release of Mueller report

With President Trump and his campaign cleared of accusations that they colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, two of the region’s congressional representatives are pushing for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report to be released to the public.

“As our previous statements and voting record makes clear, we support the full release of the Mueller report with the exception of matters restricted by law,” Congressman Tom Reed, R-23 of Corning, said in a statement released Tuesday by spokesman Will Reinert.

Reinert said Reed, whose district includes eastern Ontario County and all of Seneca and Yates counties, would touch on the matter more Wednesday, during his weekly call with reporters.

Congressman John Katko, R-24 of Camillus, whose district includes Wayne County, also supports the release of the report.

“From the start, I have supported the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and have consistently stated that I would respect his final report,” he said in a prepared statement. “As a former federal prosecutor, I know the tremendous amount of effort this report required by Mr. Mueller and his team. I appreciate their diligent work.

“The Justice Department has made clear there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. I’m glad that this report clears the air on this issue, and I hope that it will allow us to move past the distraction caused by accusations of collusion. I believe the report should be released as completely as possible so we can put these issues to rest.

“I recently voted for a resolution before the House supporting the public release of Mueller’s final report. I look forward to reviewing it in full, and believe the American people should have access to the report.”

Congressman Chris Collins, R-27 of Clarence, Erie County, whose district includes western Ontario County, did not address the release of the report, but instead provided a statement via Twitter. He said it’s time Democrats move on.

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