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Cayuga County Legislature passes residency preference for department heads

With the search underway for several department head positions in Cayuga County, legislators on Tuesday passed a resolution requiring a local preference when hiring for leadership roles.

The county is currently in the midst of a recruitment process for leaders in its emergency, information technology, and human resources departments. Since it’s rare to be able to hire for so many leadership roles at once, Legislator Aileen McNabb-Coleman, D-Sennett, who developed the resolution along with Legislator Andy Dennison, R-Ira, said it was a good time to establish an residency preference.

“We wanted to raise awareness,” McNabb-Coleman said. “Mr. Dennison and I have been discussing this and we thought it would be a good idea to present a resolution about hiring within the community for these critical roles.”

The resolution would offer preference, but not necessarily a requirement, to hiring locally for department head positions, in part because of the connection and familiarity with the area local residents would bring, according to the text of the resolution.

After an amendment to address concerns from Legislator Joe Bennett, R-Auburn, the resolution extended the preference to current county employees and contiguous counties, which Dennison said was the original intent anyway.

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