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Gov. Cuomo: Upstate voters, ‘they don’t know me as well’

During a nearly 30-minute radio interview on Monday, Gov. Cuomo discussed the Mueller report, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s presidential campaign, and the state budget.

He was also asked about upstate New York and why he doesn’t think he has broader support here. The question came after the governor and reporter Alan Chartock were speaking about upstate casinos.

Cuomo basically said the casino licenses were a gift for upstate New York.

When pushed by Chartock on why upstate voters weren’t more thankful, the governor said upstaters just don’t know him well enough.

Here’s a portion of the exchange:

Gov. Cuomo: “…we used it as a magnet to bring tourism to upstate New York as destinations.”

Alan Chartock: “Did it work?”

Cuomo: “It has worked, it has worked. We’ve created thousands of jobs with the casinos and not just jobs but people come up for conferences, they stay the weekend, they go to lunch in the town etcetera.”

Chartock: “They gamble.”

Cuomo: “Right.”

The governor has admitted though, the buy-in for those upstate casinos may have been too high as most of them, including del Lago in Seneca County, have failed to meet their promised revenues.

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