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How to become editor

Despite certain crisis phenomena and perhaps because of them, the media sphere attracts a large number of young professionals – not only students of journalism but also certified financiers, lawyers, want to become journalists and editors.

Editors are responsible for checking the quality of manuscripts sent to the publisher. The editor must read the text, make sure that the text conforms to the style of the publication, and also check the text for errors and absence of factual errors. The editors share a selection of materials for publication and other relevant work. If you are interested in all this, the article will tell you how to become an editor and how much do editors make.

Where to start?

If you are interested in how to become a book editor, first of all, you should love reading. Editors read a lot, long and often. You’d better love reading right away. To become a good editor, you need to develop a sense of language, to understand grammar, punctuation, and syntax. And for this, you need to read, read a lot and, with all this, not a tabloid reading.

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From newspaper texts, you can get an idea of what the structure of the text should be. Read the editorial, analyze the characteristics of the presentation of the material. Read novels, develop fantasy and imagination. Many novels cover topics that help to better understand human nature – not to mention their other useful features.

Read historical and popular science literature to expand your own horizons. A good editor can learn a lot of useful things even from a simple historical novel.

Write every day

If it seems to you that the editor is a reader, not a writer, then you are mistaken. Editors, of course, are not writers in the classical sense of the word, but they also spend a lot of time playing phrases and playing with the style of the text. Write every day – no matter what it is about. The main thing – write. The only reason not to write is death.

It is much easier to do that when you are already sure that you can say I can write my essay for me uk and I can do my essay uk. So, every day try to do your best and remember that practice makes perfect.

Expand your vocabulary

A rich vocabulary is an important part of becoming an editor. New words, new meanings, new shades of meanings – the editor should be well oriented in all this. Keep at hand an explanatory dictionary, even if in the form of an application on your smartphone. They met an unfamiliar word – they looked at the meaning – they learned the word.

Learn to express thoughts accurately and accurately, as the French say – mot juste. As they say, not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. The best editors and writers are known for easily finding the right words for any situation.

Think about where you would like to study to become an editor

As a rule, people go to universities for the relevant specialties – but not everyone goes exactly to the “Editorial”. If you want to become an editor – of course, go to this or a similar specialty. However, we must warn you: many of those who graduate from such faculties, later begin to regret their own choice, especially when they cannot find a job for a long time.

Higher education is desirable but not required. It will be easier for you to get a job with a diploma – but, in fact, if you can write and edit, then you will be taken without a diploma. It is more important for a freelance editor to be able to edit well than to have a diploma. Although, of course, if you go to freelancing through the office, then a diploma is needed.

Gain experience through internships

If you are still a student, then an internship and practice in any publishing house will be more than desirable for you, since during your studies such an opportunity is provided. If you are no longer a student, then look for someone who needs an assistant.

In some organizations, the interns are getting rid of all the dirty work, about training here we are no longer talking. Therefore, it will not be out of place to find out the opinions of those people who have already completed an internship there.

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