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Auburn City Council extends ambulance company’s contract for the third time

For the third time, the Auburn City Council has voted to extend the terms of agreement with a medical transportation company to keep its services afloat.

Thursday, the council voted to extend a contract between the city and TLC Medical Transportation Services Inc., the company responsible for the city's ambulance services.

In June 2013, TLC entered a five-year agreement with Auburn that was set to expire in June 2018. By the end of the five years, both the city and TLC were in ongoing negotiations, requiring more time to come to a new agreement.

In the meantime, TLC was granted a three-month extension until new terms would be announced. But when the three months were up, a new contract still hadn't been negotiated, so in September 2018, the council voted to extend the same agreement from 2013 until March 31, 2019.

Before the second extension was up, the council voted Thursday to once again give the negotiations more time.

"We've been trying to get through a couple of details on that agreement, but along the way, in order for (TLC) to be able to legally bill Medicare and Medicaid, they have to have a legally-binding agreement," said Auburn City Manager Jeff Dygert. "We've been doing these extensions so that they can continue to be in business."

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